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    Case Study 1 - Private Label:

    Working with Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions, BC provides a turn-key data-visualization software to provide actionable business intelligence to customers in the form of applications that is sold to customers by Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions (WSCS). This tool provided a new business opportunity for WSCS that provided additional revenue, decreased customer churn, and diversification from their core business offerings.

    BC is an active partner to WSCS providing access to our data science team, routine collaboration with high level executives, and best practices. BC licenses Perceptivity to use in commerce, but the product is managed by WSCS, with BC serving as a silent partner behind the scenes. 

    [Example 1: build out of APICS modules to enhance the effectiveness of Perceptivity]

    [Examples 2: API development or equivalent for duc duc project]

    Case Study 2 - BC Direct

    BC offers it's powerful data-visualization software directly to qualified customers. We also provide custom made solutions.

    Case Study 3 - Organizational Training and Development


    1. Recruiting 

    2. Instructional Design

    3. Workforce Development Courses (LMS)

    4. HR Consultation

    5. Instructional Videos

    6. Pay per course instructional courses (APICS, OSHA)

    7. Conference Trainings (APICS CSCP in Charleston)